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Höganäs Bruk produces stainless steel utensils of the highest quality. Höganäs Bruks products guarantee function, highest quality & timeless design.

All products have a thick bottom which gives an even heat dissipation, which minimizes the risk of burning sauces etc.
Höganäs Bruks works on all types of stoves, including induction.
Also has a wide drip-free pouring edge and handles with shields that minimize heat transfer.

“Non-Drip” edges

Since Höganäs Bruks products are made for the professionals, they have also been equipped with smart drip/spill-resistant edges, which makes it easier to cook various meals and then pour it into a new container without spilling.

Heat resistant handles

The handles are located on a plate that is spot-welded on the casserole, pans and sauce pans, this plate prevents the heat from spreading out into the handles.


– Thick stainless steel (18/10) for use on all types of stoves, including induction.
– “Sandwich bottom” in aluminum for even and rapid heat distribution.
– “Non-Drop” edges.
– Heat resistant handles.
– Dishwasher safe.